Comment on Trading Q&A

Vivek commented on 19 May 2017, 01:30 PM


Zerodha is a great platform but quite a few issues recently are raising serious concern, please take this as constructive feedback to resolve asap.
1. Yesterday at the time of market close, orders were not accepted by the kite app, which had negative monetary impact.
2. A few days back as well, during the day, traders were not able to put orders for couple of hours which again had a big monetary impact.
3. Q-Backoffice doesn’t show correct P&L for many of the selected periods. Despite raising it multiple times with support team, it is still not corrected.
4. One of my trades on a particular day was not accounted by Zerodha including the profits. Initially support team did agree to this but when i persisted they found out the issue and corrected this. If i had not kept daily log of my trades, I would have lost on these profits. Data integrity should be given top priority.

I believe, Zerodha is truely a great platform but these technical issues need to be resolved to have a loyal clientele who can trust Zerodha for their money.

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