Comment on Latest update - Kite charts

Satish commented on 16 May 2017, 09:55 AM

Hi Nithin,

This new version of Kite IS NOT LIGHTER as far as displaying charts is concerned. It becomes unusable after 30 minutes of use. I have sent your team the screenshots of the cpu usage with charts. The crosshair lags so much that it catches up with cursor movement after 4-5 seconds. Any click on the chart registers after 5-10 seconds.

Saved views are saved in browser, not on cloud. Then, when the charts become slow, your tech team asks to clear browsing data, which helps only for 30 minutes before lagging again, but clearing browsing data causes the saved views to get deleted every time. We can’t build views every 30 minutes.

When clicking the tool/drawing button in the TOP RIGHT CORNER, the next dropdown menu to select the draw tool appears in the TOP LEFT CORNER. That’s illogical. It should show up in the same area (TOP RIGHT CORNER). A whole strip from left to right gets wasted anyway.

Please fix this, or at least give users the option of using the old version of Kite, which was fantastic and actually lighter than this version. You could run charts on it all day without it slowing down.

Thanks in advance

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