Comment on Introducing Balance - Clever ways to save

Ravi commented on 10 May 2017, 05:31 PM

Nice concept..few clarifications / suggestions

1. To re-confirm, there will be no annual / monthly maintenance charges / 50 per month etc even if my savings in MF grow beyond 25K. (since as per your business model, you earn via commissions due to investing in regular MF) – is my understanding right ?

2. It will be good if you can add more recipes – Hope you will keep adding as you evolve – one thing i would like is, if on a given trading day if i make profit (based on MTM or any logic like buy/sell of shares ) a % of it can be saved into MF – you can create a recipe for this, leaving the % to be invested configurable by the user.

3. Definitely need more choices – icici alone will not be enough. Since you anyways earn via commissions, why not leave the choice of which MF to invest with the user?

4. As many have also stated, need options to directly fund via bank account. E.g. payday recipe is one where it makes sense to invest from my bankaccount rather than kite account (which is usually meant for trading capital)

5. for seeing the returns of my investments, should i go to coin or any other platform or will this app itself show me how much my savings has grown over the years..


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