Comment on Introducing Balance - Clever ways to save

Balance commented on 08 May 2017, 08:11 PM

Hello Abhijit

Thank you for your patience and persistence!

Yes, you can delete active Goals. There are 3 ways:

1: Once your saves have been invested in the fund, and there are no saves in processing- You can choose to empty and delete your goal- This would lead to a complete withdrawal

2.If there are no saves for a goal- you tap and hold the goal in question in the my goals page- this will open the delete goal menu for you- you can also choose to tap and open that goal- upon scrolling down you will see a delete goal button.

3. In case there are saves in process- that are still to be processed by Coin and there are no saves that have been invested in the fund- you can delete the saves in question from your Coin dashboard and perform option no 2.


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