Comment on Orders - Place, Modify, Cancel & View

RK0885 commented on 16 Sep 2014, 05:06 PM

Hi there,
This was my second day using ZT and it is good. I had a doubt to clear. Today I had placed a Buy order on one of the stocks as CNC (Equity) and I believe it was a Market order. However when the order was completed, it did not appear as an open position and it was showing order type as “limit” but it did appear as completed order in the Order book. After buying I was unable to set a stop loss and so I had to change the position as MIS. I could change the position to MIS via the trade book. I could not do any modifications in the the position through order book because it said “please select an open position”. It got squared off at 3.21 pm.
My question is
1) Can we place the order as Limit without any trigger price because this incident kept me wondering so as I am confused whether I placed the order type as Market or Limit?
2) Why I was not able to see this as an open position and not to do any modifications?

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