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Balance commented on 05 May 2017, 06:23 PM

Hi Shreya,

Thanks for your queries.

Balance is a completely free app. We don’t charge you any fees for using the app, and all the Recipes on Balance are also free. Balance provides truly revolutionary ways to save around your lifestyle, based on your spends and a host of other cutting edge technology and design that brings you the convenience of a personal saving assistant. The very goal of Balance is to help you stack up your savings without ever having to really give it much thought, as the app is capable of that intelligence. The ICICI debt MF has extremely low commissions, which is much much lesser compared to the Rs. 50 per month fee that you would have to pay if you invested into Direct MF via the Balance app. We do hope that you find our product unique and our recipes pathbreaking and choose to start using Balance to save up a little for a world that makes you spend. : ) Please read more to see how the Balance app can be very useful for you:

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