Comment on Introducing Balance - Clever ways to save

ShreyaDR commented on 05 May 2017, 04:57 PM

I further have queries
Zerodha started Coin to have us invest in Direct funds (That was the main reason for starting coin), ; but now by starting Balance….they are going on backfoot once again as it will invest in regular funds.

Further, it will invest in debt fund whose returns are taxable, whether to withdraw before 3 yrs or not.

Further, it is investing only in Icici AMC’s one fund. What if we want two invest in another fund or another AMC’s fund. That option seems to not there for us to decide.

Thus, if zerodha is going to invest my money in Icici’s debt fund in regular mode; i will prefer to invest directly thru Icici or any other AMC for direct fund of my coice.

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