Comment on Taxation Simplified

ProTrader commented on 14 Mar 2013, 02:01 PM

Hi Zerodha,
Thanks a lot for this extremely useful blog regarding taxation. I truly appreciate your efforts for traders. I am an options trader. My queries are as follows;
1] Do I need to file ITR 4 or 4S ?
2] I trade from home. Can I show my home use as business premise expense and how much?
3] You have mentioned that electricity, internet & mobile telephone
charges can be claimed as business expense. Is there a limit to these expenses?
4] For depreciation of asset like laptop you have mentioned 60% for 1st year, how about subsequent years like 2nd 3rd onwards? I had purchased a laptop 3 years ago for rs. 90k for trading. I did not knew this rule then.
5] Can technical analysis software price and fees paid for technical analysis workshops be calculated as business expense?

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