Comment on Charting - Pi

Raoul commented on 05 May 2017, 12:38 PM

No changes at all done in 16 Dec 2016 Pi update. Very disappointing! It will take another 10 years for proper updates to happen with Zerodha Pi. Basic charting platform foundation must be strong so traders can feel as ease with their day to day trading. Pls fix the following problems asap in the next Zerodha Pi version: 1. Remove the white squares and introduce study with sub menus such add study, modify study, remove study, etc 2. Introduce an option for scrolling such as scroll bar at the bottom of the chart or provide an option to switch from mouse cursor scrollling to mouse wheel scrolling. 3. Drawing and modification of horizontal lines (support and resistance) should be with ease and not cumbersome as price, indicators, etc get selected showing white squares and mouse cursor gets hooked to the white squares when trying to adjust horizontal lines. 4. Trend line, horizontal line, vertical line replication is a must for technical analysis. 5. MACD Indicator should be able to increase and decrease thickness of histogram and MACD lines. Make it a color MACD indicator. 6. Chart scrolling is very sluggish in Zerodha Pi and not smooth. 7. Traders should see an price entry line once price has been executed at market price or limit price has been executed. Similarly stop loss line and target line should be seen on charts when stop loss or target has been placed. Users must be able to customize the colors of the lines similar to Metatrader 4. 8. Price movement should also be seen as a moving line on chart and also price movement should be highlighted on Y axis. I will continue to trade with broker Sharekhan until the above problems are fixed in Zerodha Pi.

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