Comment on Z5- Getting Started

Hanan commented on 15 Sep 2014, 10:38 AM

The reason we tried to move away from TradeXpress and more towards Z5 was because of the heavy dependence on Java. Most office admins block Java feeds so the html5 version of Z5 should ideally work better. Since you’ve pointed out that you prefer TradeXpress, I’m gonna talk to our developers and see how we can have this resolved at the earliest.

In the meantime, you can use an alternative to modify your Cover Orders: Just call our office on 080-40402020 and ask our dealers to modify it for you. This will not cost you anything additionally as you’ve placed the original order on your own.

Also, the primary development is happening on ZT and now Pi, both of which need to be installed on your hard drive with Windows OS. The development on web is going to take a lot more time to give it an exe-like feel, but we’ll try and incorporate most features on Z5.

The modification of Cover Orders above/below the entry price is restricted by design, because if you wish to modify above the entry price or trail your SL the developers want you to use Bracket Orders. Cover Orders were originally designed for quick entry at market price and one click exit or hit your SL. All of this needed to happen within fractions of a second and this was used mostly by jobbers. I’ve put in a word with our developers about this and we’ll followup with them.

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