Comment on Software Engineer up 400%

Tradeking commented on 15 Sep 2014, 03:46 AM

Nice try. We all know how surrogate marketing works.

Folks – The previous post is a classic example of how ‘surrogate/self’ marketing is done nowadays. This post clearly shows that Mr.Pawan wants to restart his ‘calls’ service within a month or two. What a lame way for marketing.

If a person is successful in trading, he does not need any money through running calls/tips service. How many ever articles/books written on this subject would not make greedy people to wake up.

@Nithin – We all understand that you did not know that Pawan is going to run ‘calls/tips’ service when you interviewed him. If you would have known, you would not interviewed a tipster. Fair enough. But immediately after the interview, he ran the service and failed. But, why do you let these kind of self-proclaiming posts to be posted now? This is a big dis-service you are doing to newbie traders. He needs more customers to take them for a run again and guess what, a post like the last one would just lure more traders towards this Pawan. So, you have a choice of letting the last post to be present in this page or remove it. Choice is yours Nithin.

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