Comment on Pie chart on Q for quick Overview

Nilesh R Patkar commented on 03 May 2017, 09:34 PM

Hi Venu,
I am having similar problem.
I see equity cash balance as (-) 18,60,868 in Q. In Kite the account value shows 1.81 L
The figures in Q are
Equity cash balance (₹-18,60,868.83)
Collateral value ₹31,49,968.50
Equity Balance ₹12,89,099.67

Margin blocked ₹20,42,730.73
Holdings value ₹2,97,079.35
Pledged value ₹35,00,035.00

I kite the figures are
Margin Available 12.12 L
Margin Used 21.19 L
Account Value 1.81 L
Holdings 1,93,077

I had called support today and was told that I have to just see the Account Value i.e 1.81 L and can still trade to utilise that 1.81.
Could you kindly explain the figures?

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