Comment on Latest update - Kite charts

Ayaan Shetty commented on 03 May 2017, 02:49 PM

Updating kite was a splendid move , the charts looks slick , but it seems it has been executed poorly and not thought through . Please make the necessary changes needed . Its affecting our trading experience .

Problems :

1 ) Previous analysis all wiped out , seems no back up was taken nor were clients informed about the update to make some time and back it up some how through screenshots . WOULD HAVE TO DO ENTIRE ANALYSIS ON ALL SCRIPTS again .

2) Chart refreshed goes back to the old chart that was opened .

3 ) Information ( OCHL) dialogue should have been outside the chart as it was earlier .

4) New analysis is wiped out if the window is closed or if you log out .

5) Dynamic indicators for example RSI aren’t even showing the value .

6) Preferences are not saved . Chart will only open with the minute view rather than the day view that is saved .

7) Search function for studies is needed .

8) Full size options of the scripts that used to hide/unhide indicators .

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