Comment on User Settings - Pi

Ajit suryawanshi commented on 03 May 2017, 02:46 PM

since from three days almost perfect kite charting interface provided by you (that dotted line LTP movement throughout the chart also chart view can be saved) you can show entry and exit position with price and lots executed on chart so user need not go and check every time the order book ( which mean user can stay on the chart interface and user need not to change chart settings every time coming back from order window to chart interface) , you can add quick buy and sell buttons with closest bid and offer (with price update in that buttons ) along with normal and separate buy and sell button (instead of single ‘+’ button on kite chart)
please make ‘PI’ charting and chart graphics as good as kite ( as RENKO, point and figure etc have errors that is they are time dependent it should be independent as you know)

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