Comment on Latest update - Kite charts

Baalshastri Pandit commented on 03 May 2017, 02:45 PM

Hi Nithin,

I suggest stop all the advanced updates etc and concentrate on basic requirements of the traders.

– Consider entire day just refreshing page of kite for whether order got executed. The small ‘Chirp’ sound does not help. This sound does not come in Kite Android. It has to be customizable, like ring tone etc.

– This can be called next generation tool only if scanner facility is added. (One in PI doesn’t work). And Please, if you provide scanner facility, pl give simple one. Not strange like PI. (They say color changes, it it satisfies the condition. It doesn’t. Even if it does, can you for entire day keep checking the color…)

– There is no Upper circuit limit / lower circuit limit in kite

– Market Protection in market order is available in NEST and not in PI/Kite.

– Q is still buggy. Crux was suppose to be available from 01-Apr-2017.

More over, I suggest you taking a user survey on the facilities available and wishlist and go ahead with further updates. Otherwise, you are wasting your time, money and in turn getting frustrating messages like is written above…

I am myself an IT engineer. It is hard for me to understand what does it take to provide this basic facilities.

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