Comment on Latest update - Kite charts

Sree commented on 03 May 2017, 12:52 PM

My experience with the new release is as follows:
– Issues reported with the earlier versions remain as they were
– chart response – has become sluggish, user actions get delayed response when a few charts are open
– indicators like Supertrend are now misbehaving (issue already raised with screen shots)
– Concept of Views – Intention is good, but implementation is pathetic. Example .. you save a view (say “myView”)with set of technical indicators. Obviously it has to be done with some chart with some symbol and time frame.
When the “myView” is applied to another symbol, the chart changes to the one with which the view was saved whereas the user expects “myView” to be applied to the chart I am currently viewing. Nothing can be more frustrating.

– Under “View” menu, themes (day, night) are available only if the chart is popped out

– Refresh take very long or are never ending. Thankfully it stops when the browser refresh is done 🙂

Nitin, if you happen to read this post, please note:
I hear about Zerodha adding features and becoming better. It would have been better if basic issues are addressed before adding more frills.

1. when the market opens in the morning, charts do not get connected to data feed. They simply scroll to the left. They will form candles only after multiples attempts of “refresh”
2. Volume bars stop getting updated after some (random) time, related indicators like Klinger misbehave
3. Candles stop forming after some (random) time if the user is not active on the screen doing refresh periodically

If someone wants to have an occasional glance at the charts for signals without unnecessary manual intervention (like periodic refresh) the current product is not at all useful. The last version expected users to refresh the chart before looking for any signal. This is contrary to the concept of “Signal” itself.

The new release has all the problems as they were (with last version) and have added many other usability issues.

Further, I would like to make a humble request … Please follow standard software life cycle processes (thorough functional testing in live environment, beta testing etc. ) before going live with a critical software like a trading platform.

Looks like I should take a break rather than braking my head with Kite for now.


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