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Suriyakumar Jayabal commented on 14 Sep 2014, 12:33 AM

Hello Nitin/Hanan,
I use the cover order facility in Trade Express.
Trade Express is not allowing to modify my Stop Loss, almost last 2 weeks, I have hit the Stop Loss trigger numerous times than exiting the cover order.
Trade Express is giving error “This product type cannot be modified”
Hanan, thanks for your reply in other blog acknowledging that this happens in Trade Express and you will talk to tech team.
But still it is not rectified.

Another thing you mentioned that Cover Orders can be modified in Z5 and it is working fine.
Also you mentioned (assume I am buying first), I cannot modify the Stop Loss value above my buying price.
Why is this rule applied?
I want to end up in profits, so I would like to move the Stop Loss trigger manually above my buy price, when market has sufficiently moved in my favorable direction, i.e.upside.

Can I modify the Stop Loss price above my Buy price in Z5, or is it still lagging this option?

In office I could not open Z5, due to its black background and all the fancy colors. People stare at my desktop, if I do that. Trade Express is compact and does not grab anyone’s attention. So I would like you to enable modifying CO in trade express itself.

I am writing this after hitting almost 25 stop loss triggers in last 2 weeks. Even if price goes in favorable direction and I am not able to modify Stop Loss trigger into profit zone, so I wait hoping that price would still go higher so that I could Exit Cover Order with sufficient profit, and finally price comes does and hits the Stop Loss unfavorably ending up in losses. This is what happening to me.

Even if modification is enabled in Trade Express and If I could not modify it above my buy price, it is not useful to me. Hope you understand!

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