Comment on Introducing Coin - our Direct Mutual Fund Platform

Sacchidanand commented on 01 May 2017, 09:30 AM

Hi Nithin,

First of all , myself being a software developer I want to congratulate and say thanks for great product. I am learning into trading for last 3-4 years.

I have 2 MF in my portfolio.
1. ELSS -> Axis Long Term Equity Fund (5K per week) – Non-direct
2. SBI Blue Chip Fund – Growth (5K per week) – Non-direct

I have read you previous conversations and stopped my sip and placed redeem order on both of them.

I will starting 2 new sips with direct options with same amount from this week.
Please correct me if wrong.

1. I will be getting my money back from SBI Blue Chip Fund on T3 day , right ?

2. For axis corpus i will have to wait for 3 years and after 3 years what is the procedure.
If I need it urgently, what will the charges i will have to pay?

3. [Equity] I have few shares in myy sharekhan account, is there a way to transfer those in KITE.
Or I have to sell it (S/LTCG) and then buy it again?

4. Could you please introduce SIP option in Equity (KITE), i know you have smallcase, but it’s paid.
Any plans of developing the same ?


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