Comment on Trading Q&A

Debarshi commented on 26 Apr 2017, 10:01 PM

I have started using Kite only a few days ago and found this quite user friendly. For each transaction, I found that an amount of ₹10.35 is being deducted from my ledger balance showing “Being Payment Gateway Charges Debited”. I could not make out why this amount gets deducted since there is possibly no hints regarding this levy in brokerage calculator. Also does it depend on the charge/dividend bank a/c of the user?
Apart from that, no mail was received from the exchange(NSE) in respect of my successful purchase of equities (CNC) today even if I received an sms from NSE asking for checking my registered mail. But one of my friends received a mail from NSE for an transaction exactly identical to that of myself (same price, same quantity etc) but for a different DP. What should I do now?

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