Comment on Zerodha-Fund withdrawal from Trading account

Jay commented on 20 Apr 2017, 11:05 PM

I love Zerodha and I am new customer – but I think Zerodha is misleading the customer base somewhat with the information.

I just started using coin and invested more than 25,000 and I see 57.60 already debited. But your Coin Website is giving mislead information that 50 Flat fee per month. Can you clarify and update your Coin website footer and the charges page ( to reflect the true cost (including service charges)?

It looks like your tacking a 15% service for the Coin Subscription – Is this true?
If yes, Total cost per year Just for Coin is not 600 but 690 – 50×12 Months x 15% = 690 Per Year

If demat also adds a service charge – Total cost will be 1035 per year just for Zerodha Platform. That looks a little steep, but I understand your a for profit business and I am ok.

But please update your website and footers and at least put a * saying 50/month + service charges.

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