Comment on Market Watch & Trading Screen

Kiran Chengappa commented on 20 Apr 2017, 07:13 PM

Once I login to Pi, I would love to have 5 market watches with however much scrips in each of them. Your limit is max 50 in each and I get to monitor 250 in total which is great. However the most frustrating part is, once I exit and login back to Pi, I can see only the default MW with the 50 scrips that I added. The remaining 4 don’t retain anything.
I arrange scrips sector wise and really want to monitor different scrips across sectors. How annoying it is to login to Pi everyday and spend 1 hour or more to just add scrips to the 4 MWs.
PLEASE PLEASE make the 4 extra MWs that I create to save everything on exit just like the default MW.

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