Comment on Zerodha-Fund withdrawal from Trading account

RUPAK KUMAR commented on 14 Apr 2017, 10:20 PM

Hi. i have opened Zerodha account in January 2017 and i was happy with the service and brokerage plans provided by it but i have noticed one grave error on your side that i had around 30 k in my account in fund value section after market hours on 12 April 2017 but it was showing as Rs 700 since yesterday without any trade.How can it be possible? Where my 30 k has gone? When i checked Ledger statement it is also not showing 30k transferred from my HDFC bank account to Zerodha on 1st April 2017.Bizarre.I have never faced this type of issue till now.It is quite a serious issue and i really lost my faith in Zerodha . i hope that this issue would be solved ASAP with a valid explanation.I already sent a mail regarding this but i dint get any reply till now.

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