Comment on BTST/ATST( Buy/Acquire Today Sell tomorrow)

Banti commented on 08 Sep 2014, 04:15 PM

Dear Nithin,

i am having following question for Product type CNC

Suppose I am having 10 nos of TCS in my Demat A/c

Presently at BSE it is trading at 2625 & at NSE it is trading at 2645

1) If i sell 10 Nos of TCS through CNC at NSE @ 2645
2) After selling same qty of shares TCS are bought at BSE @2625

in this case i will be having profit of 20×10=200 Rs without damaging my present holdings

I would like to undesrstand the following

1) In above case whether there will be two times IN & OUT of TCS shares in my Demat or there will not be any Transation happening in my Demat A/c
2) What will be Securities transaction tax in above case whether it will be treated as intraday or delivery?
3) If i perform first step ( Sell TCS @ NSE) & if i am not having any Money my Trading A/c whether can i buy shares at BSE through P type CNC
4) What will be Net profit in above case

Another Query is if i bought TCS @ 2625 through BSE in MIS & sell it @ 2645 through NSE in MIS is it alloweded ? whether loop is completed in this transaction or if i do it there will be penalty ? i think it is arbritdige? pl clear

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