Comment on Quant - Flashback

S C Gulati commented on 13 Apr 2017, 06:18 PM

Hi Nithin,

You guys have done great job in innovating new ways of analysing stocks in the past.

However, i see that your team is not able to sustain the initiatives for long. Flashback has got lost in thin air. I was promised last year that you will be coming back with new version soon but it has not seen light of the day.

Quality of reports on Q have become WORSE. i have been trying to get P&L reports for last 15 days but have yet not succeeded. Earlier your support team kept advising that you guys are doing Year End 2016-17 reconciliations and hence i will have to wait for 15 days.
After waiting for 15 days, reports have been made available but they are all discrepant.

eg if i check Profit for period (1) 1 Jan 2017 To 31 Jan 2017 and (2) 1 Feb 2017 to 28 Feb 2017 then it should ideally reconcile with profit for the period 1 Jan 2017 to 28 Feb 2017. However, your Discrepant Reports DO NOT RECONCILE.

You guys will loose trust, if you fail to provide the most critical Reports to the Clients.

Believe me, you are doing great job with Innovations like Coin and all but if you Loose Focus on Basics i.e. robust Reporting system and provide discrepant P&L you will loose your Old Clients as well.

This is a word of caution for a great business you are trying to setup. Plz lookback with more focus on sustainability aspects.


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