Comment on Trading India VIX - Simplified

jeet commented on 08 Apr 2017, 04:04 PM

Dear Mr. P R Sundar
Good Afternoon Sir,

At the very outset,kindly excuse me for taking your precious time to read this note in your busy schedule.

Sir thank you for telling us(me and all newbies) about importance & profitability of shorting,i m sure by practicing it ‘ll be highly beneficial for all budding awa experienced trader/investor/analyst to develop profitable trading plan Scientifically.who are in/want to learn trading F&O.

Sir I have few queries & i’m sure your answer to that’d be highly beneficial to all guys who wants to learn it–

1-How can a person with limited money and resources can profitably practice F&O Trading (esp. Shorting) in current scenario (after hiking of lot size by sebi),will it b a smart choice ?

2a- As few experts are claiming ‘tape reading’ is a significant indicator of trades in mkt ,but here stock exchanges dnt provide it,can we consider data from option chain analysis equivalent to such tape?
2b- Some experts are also suggesting ‘liquidity’ issues in mkts,hw this effects f&o trades for small traders?

3- plz guides us which is more useful : Predictive Analysis or Technical Analysis

Sir feel free to say no/any reply,i understand the professional/other limitations.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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