Comment on Introducing Coin - our Direct Mutual Fund Platform

Amit Bajaj commented on 06 Apr 2017, 02:31 PM

Dear Nikhil,
I think you need to clear the facts before someone opt for coin platform. In above eg you are comparing 50 vs 200 while the case is 600 vs 200. 50 is per month and Rs. 200 is per year.
Please compare it on the yearly basis as all charges are on yearly basis. I think Rs. 500 or Rs. 600 is not making sense with the first 25K being free beside one has to bear 5.5 DP charges per transaction at the time of sell. The 1% advantage is lost for the guys who are investing 60K per year as your charges will amount to 1% and direct fund advantage of 1% is lost.

Would suggest to increase the limit of free amount or reduce the charges from 600 to 100.


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