Comment on Zerodha Educate - webinars for traders

jay commented on 06 Apr 2017, 01:27 PM

I was going through the pages describing Pi and was trying to install it. The link on the zerodha page points to and it leads to a page where login credentials are required. When I logged in with the credentials, it took me to a page which says that Pi is enabled, Pi Bridge says “activation pending”, and in addition says that Pi bridge is enabled and Rs 500 will be deducted.

I wanted to bring to your notice that this enabling of Pi bridge is by a misleading link that says that its the link to download Pi. I do not want to subscribe to the paid service Pi Bridge and would like your intervention to disable the same before the amount of Rs 500 is deducted. It would be an unpleasant situation if the amount is deducted for something that I don’t want, especially after one is misled through a wrongly labelled link. I urge you to rectify the situation, before it comes to a point where I have to spend time to get back the money that was deducted without my consent.

Please check various places in zerodha which have links for Pi download, and rectify the situation so that users who download Pi for the first time are not mislead into activating Pi bridge without their consent. An explicit consent for activating the paid service Pi bridge would be the professional thing to do rather than subscribing the user to Pi bridge by default by means of a misleading link that says it for downloading Pi.

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