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ratnesh kumar commented on 04 Apr 2017, 10:59 PM

Dear Nithin,
Using this portal to direct pass message to you.Zerodha is about to complete 7 years still showing wrong information in down time.
Today morning (@4th april 2017-holiday) my account details was totally wrong . No position , no holdings , even margin was with -ve value . What is this . Why development and deployment team playing with customer data . If server is down technical issue then why kite- portal is UP. Its better to down website in holidays or weekend rather than showing wrong information . Uneducated person also using zerodha account what will be happen if they see wrong information, for sure they will get frustrate for few hours.

I am pretty much sure zerodha customer asset is secure and there will be no discrepancy even for single rupee but even in down time, holidays or because of some technical issue zerodha must not allowed to show wrong information to customer rather than down website or put under maintenance or whatever . But there must not be any discrepancy in customer information .There is no excuse of huge load,network traffic as organization growing they have to be ready to handle all load or traffic . Please try to discrepency issue even in holidays or weekends.

Kite interface lover

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