Comment on ZT-View Cash Limit

shiva commented on 03 Apr 2017, 10:10 PM

hey zerodha, i loaded a total of 10k in my zerodha account 5k in the begining and 5 k today (i.e. 03/april/2017) right now i just opened my account ( time is 10:00 pm) and it shows
my margin available is 15155.24
margin used is -835.

and total account value is 9320.24.

i’m a new user , i don’t understand a thing about it. please explain the dash board terms and stuff…..

And i got a doubt regarding the bracket order,

if i purchase 100 reliance shares ( as BO ) @1340 and i put my target as 20 and stop loss as 10 points and trailing stop loss as 5. what does that means …..?

sometimes my order book shows number of orders………. if it executes my order in 3 or 4 steps, do i charged for 3 or 4 times / transactions as shown in zerodha calculator or i simply charged for my 100 shares as a single order and levy the charges only once……..please clarify my doubts…….thanks

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