Comment on Zerodha- Year 2012 updates

omtech12 commented on 04 Sep 2014, 02:38 PM

Dear Nithin K.

First of all thank you for the initiative to taking the concept of financial market to the next generation and to the young generation of India. In our country this market is really not consulted most of our growing up days in most of our families. Our previous generation anyhow avoided the subject mentioning the high risk side of the coin. Becoz of that 80% of us grown up with the mind set that this is completely speculation. Now people like u have come forward and given the platform where really someone can perform or at least can change their mindset about the financial market. Various effort from your side which is really changing the conventional way of trading/investing , which is in turn helping this specific industry to grow up and I observed it is happening so fast and forward.
some of your initiative which will change the mindset of more new participants in the market are as follows:
1.You are giving the scope to get introduced to many traders(Pro/non Pro) to the people, which in turn making people to know the industry is growing with growing awareness among the people about the subject and people started believing it may be counted as a career option too.
2.You have changed the brokerage concept and you are successful on that.
3.You are continuously with people to let them know this is not speculation this has a strong technical base to be understood.
4.Your cutting edge technical views and provided tools is increasing the mindset to believe , yes it can be done.
5.And most important you are not only committing like conventional brokers to being with clients, you and your team is really always at the service of people, I must say , rather than a broker , you have become a good friend people in this segment , which is once again breaking the conventional system.
6.You and your team is extremely always reachable for any queries.
7.Your “” concept is mind blowing. Depth of this concept is if feel as depth of the sea. People automatically will get involved.

(here a suggestion , rather giving the prize money directly to the participant , it will more effective if it could credited in their trading account, and yes they can withdraw it but after doing say 5 successful trading (whatever size it may be), and if some one is not with Zerodha A/c , he or she has to open it first and then 5 trade and then only it ll be with-drawable. This will kill the speculative nature of the game more effectively, I hope you are getting my point).

Last but not the least, please carry on.

Thank You


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