Comment on Zerodha Educate - webinars for traders

Sudipta commented on 03 Apr 2017, 09:54 AM

Hi Nithin,
For last one or two weeks, I am facing a lot of performance issues in Kite & Q. The primary cause is timeouts. It is disconnecting frequently (not too much, but definitely much higher than earlier)… Q is down many a time, the historical trades or ledger cannot be viewed (error: gateway is down). It was always there but in negligible proportionate. Recently it has increased a lot. Hence taking it to your notice. We need to keep in mind that we do our research / calculations in off market and weekend hours. Hence the availability of the app 24X7 is very important. I know it is very efficient & mostly up, I love trading through Kite. It can be spectacular if just this small issue can be fixed.

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