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Gaurav Sekhani commented on 02 Apr 2017, 12:36 PM

Hi Nithin,

I have been a great supporter of the services provided by Zerodha and have asked many of my friends and relatives to take benefit of your services.

However, it would be great if an article can be provided explaining the understanding of a direct plan and regular plan, their expense ratios and how does it benefit an investor with some numbers (break down). For a service receiver it is at times difficult to understand all this concepts.

Having a complete article will be really useful, helping the investor in taking decisions. Going through all the QnA becomes quite difficult.

Also, I have already made investments in non-direct plans through mf.zerodha earlier. I do not intend to sell them currently. Can I stop further investment in those plans and move to direct plans through coin.zerodha for further investments? Will it be tracked separately by Zerodha of my investments being made in direct plans and non-direct plans (Since I am supposed to be charged based on Direct plans)?

Also for example if I currently invest INR 26000 per month through direct plans (coin.zerodha) and I continue the same for 12 months. After 12 months for some reason I decide not to invest completely in direct plans. Will I continue to be charged INR 50 per month after 12 months (there is no sale of direct plan units-same is on hold)? and what if I sell and my direct plan units after 12 months?

It would be really helpful if these queries can be resolved.

Thanks and Regards
Gaurav Sekhani

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