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Ajay Patil commented on 02 Apr 2017, 12:52 AM

Hi Venu/Nithin,

Thanks for your valuable reply, I went though above link what you have mentioned but i got some questions,
Here you go 🙂

By Considering your example

To give you an example, assume you make an investment of Rs.12000 the first month, 5000 second month. Your total investment is Rs.17000. In the 3rd month, if you exceed Rs.25000, charges of Rs.50 start getting applied.

To continue your Example,
Assume, Note On 3rd Month ,current holding is Rs 17000

Scenario 1:
4th month on 2nd date ,i will make an investment of 10,000 so total will be 27,000 so Rs 50 will be deducted ? .
Assume,in the same month 22nd , i will make another Rs 5000 ,so total will be rs 32000 ,in this case also rs 50 will be deducted ?

Scenario 2:
Assume, if i have two funds,

Fund 1 : after 3rd month, fund contains Rs 20,000
Fund 2 : after 3rd month, fund contains Rs 22,000

So in the 4th month,

i will add Rs 7000 to Fund1 so total will be Fund1=rs 27000
and will add Rs 10,000 to fund 2 so total will Fund2=rs 32 ,000

In this Scenario ,how much amount will get deducts , is that only rs 50 OR Rs 100 ?

Scenario 3,

Consider Single Fund say Fund-A,

after 5th Month Fund-A=Rs 35000,now in the 6th month i will be adding rs 5000 so total will be rs 40,000
so in this case also Rs 50 Deducts ?
if so then it will be always greater than Rs 25000 only so Rs 50 will be keep on deducting on till 25 Year if My MF is long term of 25 Years
i.e if this is the case then, 50*12=600 per Year and about 25 Years *600=?????

Correct me if i am wrong. Thanks in Advance for your Reply 🙂

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