Comment on Trading Q&A

Nisha Maloo commented on 01 Apr 2017, 02:24 PM

My issues is regarding taxes.I m an intraday derivative trader.From past 2-3 months I have noticed that though I m not making any losses I have been in loss of 3-5k per month because of taxes.I don’t thk my brokerage cost will b much of an issue as I normally execute 2 trades a day.Inspite if tis on reviewing my p&l for the month I found tat I made a loss of (505)&(109) during the past two months bt my taxes wer (5675)&(3900) respectively. I don’t undst how to reduce the turnover charges or wat ever head under which the taxes are charged from me…bcoz I m not a aggressive trader n neither I trade more than a single Lot and even aftr bringing my account to no profit no loss position ,I m losing approx 5k in taxes n brokerage ….can u help me regarding how to trade keeping in view the taxes ?( My account is with zerodha only )

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