Comment on Zerodha-Fund withdrawal from Trading account

Ajaya Biswal commented on 31 Mar 2017, 08:17 PM

I have sufficient cash and request withdrawal around 11am on Thursday(30-03-17) and received SMS at 1:58am(31-03-17) that your withdrawal request for Rs.50000.000 has been processed but till 8:06 pm has not received.

1.Have discussed with Customer care at 9:40 AM (31-03-17) and get update it will be credited to bank account before afternoon.

2.Again follow up around 2:30pm and get update withdrawal amount will be credited around 7:30pm but till now I m in Que.Waiting for next day

Just ask one query if will do intraday and apply withdrawal before 7:30pm is it possible withdrawal can proceed. But received replay “No” .So then have to understand not do trade when withdrawal money.Have some confuse and waiting for replay.

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