Comment on Introducing Coin - our Direct Mutual Fund Platform

Pulkit commented on 29 Mar 2017, 12:29 AM

Hi Nitin,
Its convenient with all the tracking and other good features of your platform and that’s why we as customers are with you in the first place. However the charges should be reasonable as well, given the account maintenance itself costs Rs300 per year in which both traders and investors make many transactions everyday with Intraday@Rs20 and Delivery@Free.
Go ahead and if I buy a smallcase, its a flat Rs100 charge for each case ranging from 1500 till 20k which is justified because your team is involved in a lot of research for the special cases focused on better returns.

Now with the new Coin policy for MF Direct Plan buying option, its simply monthly scheduled payment for the MF plan and we don’t need to transact for shares in it everyday or your team is involved in activities for optimizing those plans for better returns, its all handled by third party in this case. We will be paying expense ratio to the fund manager’s anyway.

Please reconsider the monthly amount we are expected to pay for Rs600/year because its on the higher end as compared to the other charges like the account maintenance, smallcase wherein Zerodha and team are primaily involved and have a lot going on. The amount should be reasonable to suit all because we would love to see your statistics for our returns.

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