Comment on Taxation Simplified

AmitDhakre commented on 09 Mar 2013, 05:24 AM

I have to say this is one best thing you did as this is one confusing and tricky matter. Hats Off to Zerodha.

I am a salaried person.
I have profit of 7000 in equity short term.
Currently, I have 27000 invested in equity for more than a year and its current value stands at 17000.
Since October I have been trading in Options and have loss in that.
My queries are
1. No loss whatsoever can be netted off against my salary, am i right?
2. Since, I m trading options I’m trader not investor, am I right?
3. All the profit and loss I mentioned will be business income, am I right?
4. If its a business income, then can I add purchase of laptop, internet device etc in expenses?
5. Is there any difference between intraday and positional Option trading?
6. Is there any loss i can net off against salary?


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