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Shiva Oleti commented on 28 Mar 2017, 01:03 PM

Dear Mr Kamath,
I didnot understand the how it is different from As you said that is run on distributor mode. will run on direct mode. If that is the case,I had bought more than 1Lack amount of MF’s. So I was charged 1.5% of my investment by Where would i get the those details of How much i Was Charged for buying and selling of MF’s.

For the case (Every month 50 rs)
How it is different from other providers? I believe they are not charged for monthly. Its once in year.
Suppose If i invest 26K in mutual funds by,i Have to pay 600 per year. Its a 2% on the investment amount.
you are indireactly makeing people to foolish.

Please let me know where can i got the details of that i was charged 1.5% of my MF investments by

Shiva Oleti

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