Comment on Introducing Coin - our Direct Mutual Fund Platform

Anil Kumar commented on 28 Mar 2017, 11:19 AM

Would appreciate specific answers to the following questions.
1. I subscribed to units (worth 10 lakh) of Franklin Ultra Short Term Debt Fund – Dividend Reinvestment on 23/3/2017 thru I have no intention of using the direct (coin) platform for a monthly fee. How do I redeem my units? I am redirected to coin platform and asked to agree to the monthly fee arrangement.
2. Units allotted consequent to dividend reinvestment (original investment being thru distributor mode) shall be treated as distributor mode only – is that understanding correct?
3. Do I still have the option of choosing distributor mode for my subsequent investments, if I do not wish to pay monthly fee?
4. Does the monthly fee once started continue even when all mf investments have been redeemed ?

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