Comment on Introducing Coin - our Direct Mutual Fund Platform

ROHIT SHARMA commented on 28 Mar 2017, 10:55 AM

rakesh ji in distributor mode agency charges 1.5% and 1% annually so in ur case 20*12=240 and after first year it is 240+(2000*12*1/100)(1% annual) =480 first year
second year end suppose profit 2k plus invested amt 48000/- net 50k now charges deducted would be (240+240)+(240+500)=1220/- in 2 years roughly but in zerodha 50/- each month if not considering 25000/- thing 1200/-only
charges keep on increasing with investment in distributor mode.
but in coin mode(direct mode) 600(ist year) + 600 (2nd year) +600 (3rd year) not considering any profit/loss
distributor mode 480(ist year) + 720 (2nd year) +960 (3rd year) not considering any profit/loss

nithin ji pls correct me if i’m wrong anywhere. this is what my understanding.

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