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Sharad commented on 27 Mar 2017, 05:30 PM

Sir pls bring some new nice feature via which existing MF can be allowed to convert to Direct schemes..

Another question – what about the funds for whom Direct option is NOT available (HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities, Franklin India Prima Plus, etc..)
– How to get direct funds for such options.
– Incase direct funds are not available, will i be allowed to continue my SIP in regular old mode..(because now as i am automatically redirected to coin MF URL, i am getting Purchase NOT allowed for all my SIPs)

Also, when i read distributors take 1.5% upfront + 1% every year on my investment.
I got little confused on this statement…

lets take an example..
I started a SIP of 10k pm.. so Rs150 will every month goes into commission as upfront.
Now after 1 year Total Investment Amt = 1.2Lac + lets assume profit of 10k = Total Value = 1.3Lac.
Now 1% of this 1.3Lac which is equal to = 1300 will again be charged as commission ( + Rs 150 every mnth as upfront will also be continued as upfront)
Now, at the end of 2nd year.. Invest = 2.4Lac + lets assume profit of 20k = Total Value = 2.6Lac.
Now 1% of this 2.6lac which is equal to = 2600 will again be charged as commission…

I am really puzzled to understand this…

pls explain

Thanks a lot in advance


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