Comment on Consequences of Short delivery - NSE/BSE

Abhilash commented on 27 Mar 2017, 03:51 PM

Hi Nithin,

I come to know about Short Delivery after this article. My queries,

1. If I choose MIS, if anything happen the position will be squared off @ 3:20 PM right ? ( we don’t need to worry about this penalty ), right ?

2. Instead of choosing MIS , I take CNC option and doing the BUY and SELL on the same day many times, Scalping. ( May be I am fresher and not aware of MIS and CNC ). On this scenario still I have to face the same Problem by paying Penalty ?

3. Buy on T-Day, Sell on T+3 rd day on CNC segment , is this the only option to be safe from Short Delivery and Penalty problem? what if we see a good profit on T-2 Day before delivery to DMAT account, can’t we sell ?

4. Is the same applicable for MCX NRML delivery ( I mean doing a trade on same day without taking Delivery but choosing NRML )?

Thanks in advance

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