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Pallaviram commented on 23 Mar 2017, 09:17 AM

Its has been a wonderful experience with Zerodha. I have great regards for Mr. Nithin Kamath after going through his journey in this business. its inspiring and motivating to others. There are some issues at the end user level. they are not small to be ignored. i request your kind attention in my case.
There are few things which is really make us inconvenient and some times losses as well. Here is my issue which was not resolved for several months. I have opened a demat account under RGESS scheme with you. I have done long term investment on several stocks. My holdings include around 15 – 20 stocks. Unfortunately kite will not differentiate between a RGESS stock and a non-RGESS stock. Even more irritating thing with kite is, it partially freezes some stocks randomly. someday some stocks are frozen some other day different stocks. user has no clue whats happening, which stocks to sell which stocks to freeze. This malfunction has brought me a loss of 800/-, which would have been even more if have not repeatedly call and settle quickly. If I sell some stocks which are under RGESS( which i will not be knowing as there is no proper tracking in kite), then i will not get either money or stocks back in my ledger. kite allows RGESS stocks for selling where as rules does not allow for selling. Since it does work properly with RGESS stocks, now both stocks or money will not be credited to my account. this i some how figured out and questioned the support team. They have no answer and clue less. finally after a month i received some money, after the stocks sold in auction with a loss of 800/-. Kite should not allow selling of a RGESS stock. a simple solution that’s all. Support team is not taking this responsibility at all in this regard. I have to bear this loss due to kite malfunction. They put ball in my court and escape. pl. rectify kite otherwise do not open an RGESS account at all. Now, second time its repeating to me. I am daily calling support team and but its not resolved so far. I have to wait and watch how much losses i will incur this time and how long it will take to settle my present issue.


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