Comment on Cover Orders - For Higher Leverage

Nithin Kamath commented on 07 Mar 2013, 01:51 PM


Cover orders as a product has rules which are fixed and nothing much can be changed about it.

As far your other 2 queries!!

1st trade you bought 300 @150 and sold at 160, you made profit of Rs3000 . 2nd trade in afternoon you bought 300 @150 and sold at 150, 0 profit, total profit for the day is Rs 3000..

What you need to understand is that admin position will show you the average buying/selling price and has nothing to do with your profits, your profits will remain the same.

As an average it will show that 600 shares bought at 150 and 600 shares sold at 155( avg of 150 and 160), profit is still Rs 3000..

Hope this clarifies…

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