Comment on Various Types of Accounts

Chaitanya R commented on 08 Mar 2017, 04:42 PM

Hi Nitin

I’ve been using Zerodha for around 3 months now and have had a great experience. I was hoping you could help me with the following doubts:
1) Can I link a trading account opened with another brokerage to the demat account I opened through Zerodha?
2) I am closing my trading and demat account with another broker and transferring securities held there to my Zerodha demat. Is it enough if I just submit the closure form to the other broker, or do I have to notify Zerodha or the DP? Will there be any charges/fees for this?
3) I want to link a second bank account to my trading account? The cheques do not have my name printed on them? Is a cheque still sufficient, or do I have to provide some other proof?
4) Also, can I withdraw funds to the second account? If not, is Zerodha planning to add this feature any time soon?

Thanks a lot

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