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Arvind kumar commented on 06 Mar 2017, 08:26 PM

Hi Nithin,
I am facing problems in maintaining the stocks in the 5 marketwatch pages provided in the kite. Each page has a limit of only 20 stocks, which means we can’t add beyond 100 stocks. Also, it is tough to remember which stock lies in which pages leading to multiple addition of the same stock in different pages. So my suggestions would be:
1. Increase the comprehensive limit of the stocks in marketwatch, at least upto 200-250.
2. Kite shall not allow the multiple additions of the stocks in various pages, instead if i try to add the same scrip in second page, which i have added in some other page previously, it shall simply give me an indication of the page in which i have added that scrip at the first instance.
3. Provision to sort the stocks in marketwatch list by ‘alphabetical manner’, ‘LTP’ and ‘%change’ etc. This provision has already been provided for the ‘holdings list’. Even the implementation of this simple feature will help us avoid the multiple additions of stocks in various pages.
4. Since we need to monitor the stocks in our ‘holding list’ by seeing the daily, hourly charts, there should exist a ‘default marketwatch page’ which shall contain the list of stocks, identical to those present in the ‘holdings list’. A dedicated marketwatch page for the stock present in the ‘holdings lits’ will help in better monitoring of the scrips. Refreshing of this marketwatch in accordance to the changes in the ‘holding list’ shall happen on daily basis.
Kite has been a greatest thing happening to me in stock trading till now. Fast and light like a real kite. However, meager addressal the above issues would add to our advantage.
PS: I would be apologetic for any inadvertent offence caused. Just don’t cause any harm to my portfolio :P, 🙂 . I am DA9825.
Arvind kumar

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