Comment on Zerodha updates - Nov 2016

chandru mehta commented on 05 Mar 2017, 07:52 PM

Nitin ji

I totaly agree with Bhuhsan ji’s above comments . I think you need to bring PI to a level where we are comfortable in using it. Horizontal lines and drawings need a lock on a particular price . I hope you agree that PI has not changed much over a long time while other software’s have moved in up-gradation much faster . I dont know the reason for this neglect . Are your subscriber additions month on month poor that makes your interest level low .

Even a smaller companies are offering better software’s which makes PI & KITE Both “antique”. I dont know why your interests levels have gone down . KITE should have had more features by now . BUY SELL features on pop up windows which was discussed in 2016 has still not come up on KITE .

a) I honestly use PI for order placement only . Compare PI with basic features of NT7 or Investar . They have drawings on charts open up default without any issue and adjust accordingly even if you change from1 min to 2 min etc. PI is way behind on saving features to be pulled up automatically the next day . I cannot vouch that for PI .

b)When the data feed goes down other software’s work fine after a split second .In Pi even after you ” reconcile ” you can never be sure and one has to login & log out .Technicality issues needs to be enhanced.

I hope you are serious about the development of PI & KITE. Please do not take ages to get there , I hope March 17 would make us feel proud of PI .

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