Comment on Cover Orders - For Higher Leverage

raunak commented on 07 Mar 2013, 10:38 AM

wel i do understand cover orders now..
i also understand that its always at market order
and als understand about the stop loss trigger

but wat i dont get it is that why cant the trigger pending orders be cancelled ?
i know that they are required so that sl is maintained and thats why the margin requirement is less
but the fact that u can exit the orders only by using the same quantity entered is somewhat tiresome..

for example .. i shorted 300 shares of stock A @ 150 and now i can see there is only upward trend, but they are fluctuating.. so in order to reduce the loss i wanna sell the shares in small quantity like 5 & 10 so that i can enter other stock B . this i could do very well in MIS but in CO i jst cannot..i have to exit only these 300 shares at once.. because if i use the CO for buy stock A then that order also has the sl trigger pending and shuld be exited independently..

well i do appreciate such new tool but… can we have something like MIS where we can adjust it in small quantites but how ever the sl option still will help a lot… i know there is a strict sl but i wud want an option to bifurcate the shares… so that i can atleast enter other stocks

and one more question…
example . stock A : morning i bought 300 shares @ 150 and sold them in an hour @ 160 . now during the afternoon if i want to short new set of shares of the same stock A around 300 of them…they get averaged with the morning shares… that is real bad because if i make a small profit in the afternoon and make a big profit in the end of the day it gets averaged …
why is it so ? because then i cannot trade in stockA for the whole day for the fear that the profits will get reduced…

can there be a method that once the position of a stock settled (ie buy and selling is done) i can re-enter it and it doesnt affect my previous profit ??

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