Comment on Zerodha updates - Nov 2016

Sudipta commented on 02 Mar 2017, 09:18 AM

Hi Nithin,
I am facing some difficulties in Kite. The average purchase price calculation is completely messed up in many scripts (while it is correct in some other scripts) in my portfolio. For example, I bought ONGC in 4 different trades with an average price between 200 and 201. But currently in Holdings in Kite, it is showing an average price of just 99. I have spoken to your support person over phone and they could not help. They suggested me to drop a mail, which I did. I got a response after 4-5 days that the issue is resolved and it will now show correct purchase price. But in reality it is still showing 99 (after 3 days from the date I got the mail stating it is “resolved”). I do not know what is resolved. I have same problem with at least 2 other scripts (Infratel and Aurobinda Pharma). Take Infratel. I bought 100 shares @ Rs 301 and then 100 shares @ Rs 83. So my average price should be around Rs 92. But it is showing my average price as 83 only.
Since talking over phone and interacting over email failed to solve the issue, please suggest what I can do next. I hope you can understand that the issue is not just fixing the existing problem. I cannot continuously keep a track of my transactions manually and keep monitoring if the price shown on your platform is correct. I need a basis to trust the price blindly so that I can concentrate more on the trade and less on the book keeping. Please help. My customer id is RS6963.

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