Comment on Zerodha Partner Program - Refer Clients

Avinash B commented on 01 Mar 2017, 03:20 PM


Just few days back I signed up for Zerodha partnership program.

But i found this entire ZMP process very difficult and cumbersome.
For e.g. I introduced one client (and first one) to Zerodha and entered his details in ZMP portal.

Unfortunately, when client filled up the form, he filled up the form in his wife’s name, instead of his own name.

Now, if i tried to enter correct client details at ZMP portal, it doesn’t allow me and shows error message that client record already exist.

So, even though client lead is generated by me, I have been deprived off ZLP program.
I think I will stop using it, though will not stop urging traders/investors to shift Zerodha.


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